New Post on Back Porch: Merry Christmas, My Friend

Whew! Nearly finished, a few tweaks. How 'bout ya'll? Is ya' stockings hung by the chimney wif' care?

We 's warm an' sunny today. The light is a soft buttery yaller, an the green is so green it makes yore eyes blink. Hopin' to git Granny to the doc fer a check, then off fer "final rounds", after which, Aunty hibernates at the home place, fer now...now...the cookin' begins!

Lemme know whas' on yore menus or what ya's wanting to find at the table when ya arrive on Christmas Day to yore own Granny's/ Aunty/ Papa/ Mama/'s house? Best Christmas food memory?


Jenny said...

Oh, lookee at the happy K9 ornament... it got a good home!

My family always had meatloaf and baked potatoes on Christmas Eve.. even now as a vegetarian if I smell meat loaf it reminds me of some very nice memories.

Enjoy your hibernating Aunty!

fishy said...

Merry Christmas Belle! May yours be merry and bright. Glad to see you're all decked out in K9 ornaments and a few angels and such...it looks lovely.

Hope the granny health issue subsides for Christmas....if I've read your blog correctly you have a good sized clan and so I spect you have a powerful lot of cooking to do!

On favorite Christmas memories and foods, one of my all time favorite Christmases happened when I was just a teen. One of my older siblings had a baby boy December 11th and brought him home to the family for the holiday. He were a tiny little baby and seeing him
with his mama who was barely more than a teen herself (and looked about 13) really brought the image of Mary and Jesus to our Christmas.
Course we had fun as well as reverence..we put that baby under the tree like the present he was and we let him try nursing a candy cane and all sorts of new baby in the family foolishness.

That blessed Christmas started a pretty big journey as he was the first person to call me Aunt Fishy and now there are nine!

On the favorite foods....well I like most of the seasonal favorites and all the Southern traditional holiday foods.

But when I was a growing tadpole our family school would sometimes travel to other ponds for the holiday and at one of those they offered up classic middle eastern fare which was sooooo very different from our norm and so very good.

h said...

Bah Humbug!

darkfoam said...

love the k9 whimsy ..!!!

i get kind of grumpy around christmas ..
i do it for my children's sake, like ride on the christmas float in 32 degree weather, host a progressive youth dinner this sunday for the youth, light the 4th advent calendar as a family at church this sunday ..
i'll bring home my mom over the holidays .. hopefully for several hours ..
christmas eve i usually make a beef bourgignon (sp), with a spinach salad, corn bread or nice crisp bread loaf, red wine or beer for adults, pumpkin pie and or a lemon chiffon pie for desert ..
xmas day is usually at the in-laws for dinner ..

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Boxer Babe!

Yep--akshully got one of those marvelous K9 ornaments--ain't they fun??

What does ya have on Christmas now in place of that meatloaf thas' makin' my mouth water?


Oh shore' nuff the clan gathers --I'll wear out a couple of aprons afore the Epiphany. Youse a Aunty Fishy? How sweet of you to member that first Christmas of Auntyhood like ya shared wif us--my! Reckon them nephews and nieces is lucky to have an Aunt Fishy wif her own pond.


Honey, that ain't the Christmas spirit a'tall. Iffin' ya doan do better than that, I'se gonna have to come down thar an' fetch ya, drag ya up heah an' hep ya git in the right spirit!


Yore mama is comin' over fer a spell? Cheers! Oh, yore busy week sounds jes' perfect--jes' as it should be. Kids and cookin' and frayed tempers, and good smells and dawgs trackin in, and hubbies sneakin' off fer a moment of peace and chillen's conspirin'....heh. Merry merry , Foamy!

SophieMae said...

Well, our stockings are hung, but no tree till this weekend. This month is flying by so quickly. Whatever happened to that old expression 'slow as Christmas'?!

I think my favourite food memory is when I cooked a goose. DS's is probably the turducken from last year, which he wants to repeat next week. We'll see.

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

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Jenny said...

I say you get down there and haul Troll up to your place... by his ears!

I'm making a four cheese mac/cheese - warm and comforty food.

Anonymous said...

For the first time in years we are having a cold lunch. Crayfish, prawns, chicken and ham and lots of garden fresh salads. It's taken me a while but I am finally starting to feel the spirit move me. I've done most of my shopping, just a little bit more to go so soon I can sit back and relax. No cooking for me but I hope you enjoy cooking up a storm Aunty.

moi said...

We're having a Christmas Eve open house and while I've decorated, I have not even planned the menu. Should I be scared? Should I invite Troll and make him cook?

Best Christmas food menu: my mother made this pistachio/pineapple/cottage cheese/pecan/what-not Jell-O ring that I know must sound totally gross, but it was DELICIOUS!

Aunty Belle said...

Sophie Mae, hey Puddin'!

Tell us how ya cooked that goose? Was it a domestic grown or wild goose? Seems like guys all love the turducken thang, doan it??

Boxer -Babe!

Darlin' I'se thinkin' to hogtie that Troll--heh. But what I most want is a big ole plate of yore four cheese mac--man-oh!-man. Save me some of that!

Romany Angel, Sweet Pea I'se so pleased to see ya!

Yore cold buffet sounds so elegant--wow. Delighted youse in the Spirit!

Moi, Presidentia,

Hop yore VaCa was FABulous. Now to the menu--heh, I knows youse got a plan in the south forty of that mind....but Big Shamu and Java Junkie might have an idea too--But Troll-yeah, put that Ba Humbug to work!

On the jellow salat, oh yes! We has one too--Granny loves a raspberry jello thang chunked up wif' cranberries, crushed pineapple and pecans. So totally 1950s, but hey, I like it!!

Aunty Belle said...

Yoo-hoo! Calling Gnome,whar' is ya'? Come visit onc't in a while, 'kay?

sparringK9 said...

i made that recipe you gave me for the marinated tenderloin. it was great but i over cooked the mac and cheese (should be simple, but nope!) that was my dry run for christmas. im worried about the menu. the decorations however look good. merry merry merry!