Gone Gardenin'


The FAO estimates 75% of the genetic diversity of crop plants were lost in the last century. Why? Because commercial growers and big ag an' even us home growers used hybrid seeds. Please git'cha self some open pollinatin' seeds an grow em, then save em....jes' do it.

ON a related topic, click here to find natural home grown organically raised food in your area.


Dani said...

I like nothin' better than being outside working in the garden. Great therapy!

moi said...

I bet you can grow fruits and veggies year round. We can't, but I think I'm going to try some heritage baby lettuces in pots in my sun room this winter.

Anonymous said...

Take a look here,

fishy said...

Aunty Belle,
Ise so glad for you to be out intha garden. Does my heart good to see some normalcy! I mite even be a tad jealous cause it will fer shure be the weekend for I can get out to my patch. I packed in some heritage seeds for the Y2K bidness and have stored em up carefully ...spect I'll have to put them to use soon. I ordered up flowers as well as veggies cause I needs flowers to keep in good cheer. Happy digging, beautiful pics, nice of you to share.

Jenny said...

Dirt therapy!!! I wish I had some sunshine here to start digging. K9 says Eye Candy is healing and I agree.... so is dirt. xoxo.

ThursdayNext said...

Oh my that tin can tin man is wonderful! :)

Meems said...

Aunty, When I was here this morning I scrolled down and caught a glimpse of your garden. I got a little distracted with the link you provided and then had an appointment I had to get off to. Thanks for the personal invite back. I was planning on it I promise... actually left your blog minimized at the bottom of my screen so I'd remember.

Ahhhh, the thinking and meditating one can do in a garden! You've got a right fine one to help clear the head and heart. I imagine you to "know" a whole lot more than me on the subject ... I'm just one of those trial and error sorts.

I'm way intrigued with this heirloom seed business... have read up on it a little. Also noticed on a post a while back your advice to gather them up instead of something like stuffing cash in your mattress.lol

Did I see you have Clerodendrum Ugandese still blooming? Just got my first ones planted a few weeks ago. They were passalong cuttings from my painting teacher. They rooted so easily and took to the soil like they were happy to be here.

I've been picking green beans the last few days and so happy the pole beans are coming along too. Not nearly as many bugs this time of year.

Where do you get your heirloom seeds?