Housin' Crisis?

Aunty is feelin' stern today.

The housin' an' mortgage crisis is enough to sour anybody's stomach, ain't it?

Here's the thing:

Havin' yore own house or condo ain't a Universal Human Right. Neither is a collich edoocation.

These thangs is stuff ya should EXPECT will take hard work and sacrifice.

But we's had too many years of politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle that led us'uns to think that somehow the right to a Ph.D and a 4/2.5 ranch in suburbia is in the Bill of Rights.

An ya'll, this OUR OWN fault. Yeah yeah, I know, the politicians LIED to us, and they's scoundrels and they's fat cats who cheated and stole us blind.

But we let 'em.

They tickled our ears wif' what we wanted to hear on our pet issues so we pulled a lever and set them up in office to do us harm.

They bought yore votes wif' promises to give ya' what ya' "deserve" din't they?

Looky, ya doan "deserve" no house. Nobody "deserves" college. Ya' EARN those thangs, folks. Affirmative action housin' was an ideology, folks, not a fiscal theory.

This here is true: city wants builders to build "affordable" housing. City will donate land (that it stole from landowners by condemnation) and "qualify" affirmative action home buyers wif federal gubmint grans (thas' YORE tax money) .

Builders submit house plans. City rejects plans because the plans only have one car garages.

Ya'll git that?????

Well, blow me down, the "poor" who "need" affordable houses cain't be expected to live in no shack wif jes' a one car garage, doan'cha know.

Nobody "deserves" automatic career advancement when they's doin' a lousy job, but gubmint hounds employers into promotin' on criteria other than merit...thas' all donkey doo doo. We worriet about people havin' a "right" to come to work dressed like a escapee from the freak show, an' din't care if this clown made sales drop cause customers doan wanna eat food cooked or served by revolting lookin' clowns, an' a small bidness takes a hit, mebbe goes down the drain.

In case I ain't made it clear, we sold ourselves to sweet talkin' snake oil salespeople who took us fer the suckers we is. We wanted easy street, we wanted "our" cause to get breaks and perks, we demanded the gubmint solve local problems...oh we was sittin' ducks, an' the played us like fiddles. Classic sales technique: sell a vision that the buyer wants (nevermind the reality)

We jes' all hoped that when the bill came due our own thang was secure and to heck with the old idea of the "common good".

So folks, next time a hayseed says "vote fer me" cause what I promise is to keep missles outa yore hair, but you will have to do the rest---you'll have to work hard, save yore money, go to night school, pay back yore tuition loans, make do wif' jes 2 TVs, grow a garden, pay yore own doctor and hep yore neighbor...ya'll vote fer that fella, ya' hear?


SophieMae said...

Hear, hear! AMEN! And again I say AMEN! Turn me loose, Big Brother! I'm perfectly capable of breathing on my own. I'm saving this post right next to the Davy Crockett speeches.

moi said...

So folks, next time a hayseed says "vote fer me" cause what I promise is to keep missles outa yore hair, but you will have to do the rest---you'll have to work hard, save yore money, go to night school, pay back yore tuition loans, make do wif' jes 2 TVs, grow a garden, pay yore own doctor and hep yore neighbor...ya'll vote fer that fella, ya' hear?.

I did. His name was Ron Paul.

R.Powers said...

I agree with your "nobody deserves ..." points, but this is more than a government debacle, it's a wall street/banking/mortgage lender debacle and they are not the government. They are fellow citizens just like us (only greedier perhaps) who changed the lending rules to make the most profit possible in the shortest time possible.
It was a house of cards and it collapsed ... surprise!
The wall street free market did not give a damn when homes were being foreclosed,(granted many of the home "owners" should have been renting) but as soon as their corporation is in danger ... they get rescued by the government.

A) The folks who took out loans they couldn't handle are idiots.

B)The lenders who changed the rules to make it possible for A to occur are sleazey greedy slime.

C) The taxpayers who will clean up the mess like the S&L mess years ago are the saps.

Hell, I feel stern now to Aunty!!

Jenny said...

Oooh-weeee - great post Aunty.

I have never looked for help from anyone but myself (and God) AND everything I have is because of that. What I DON'T have is also because of that. I get the difference. It seems a large part of this country is in a trance about the far reaching effects of this past week. This headline on MSN Front Page says it all:

"Poll: Americans shrug off crisis
The financial crisis hasn't captured the attention of most Americans, despite the worries of experts and potential damage to millions of retirement plans, according to an MSN-Zogby poll"

I'll say it again.

I'm buying Gold.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Sophie Mae Sugar pie,
thanky, and Amen too.

Moi, Presidentia, yeah, we have some in our clan who did the same.

FC, Hey darlin'.

Well....I thik we's gonna see somethin' interestin' afore long on who did what when. But yep, them Mtg. hounds is at least wanton fools, BUT Fannie and Freddie are Gubmint creatures. This is what it says about itself:

"Fannie Mae has a federal charter and ...Our job is to help those who house America.

Fannie Mae was created in 1938, under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, at a time when millions of families could not become homeowners, or risked losing their homes, for lack of a consistent supply of mortgage funds across America.

The government established Fannie Mae in order to expand the flow of mortgage funds in all communities, at all times, under all economic conditions, and to help lower the costs to buy a home."

It is essentially loans to folks who cannot git a regular loan. So, the gubmint guaranteed these loans to risky folks....

You bet your sweet bippy folks is in a trance. They's stunned.

Oddly my ole pappy done tole us'uns in May to git some gold. I hear that. A few bars or coins is good, I reckon. But what I never can figger is if it so bad that everyo9ne rushes to gold, won't a little bit do?

I mean, ya cain't eat it, live in it, burn it fer fuel...and the dumbest farmer will see a few weeks after a meltdown that a cow is more valuable than gold.

Me, I'm buyin' seeds. Heritage seeds. Non-terminator technology seeds. Way I'se thinkin' is that people will give me gold in exchange fer a packet of squash seeds.

h said...


h said...


"Centrist Clinton Democrats" and "Leftist Welfare-Freak Obama Democrats" are NOT "both sides of the aisle".

Conservatives fought consistently against Fannie and Freddie only to be accused of being "racist" and "exlusionary".

This ain't a "both sides of the aisle" problem. It's entirely a democrat thing.

sparringK9 said...


first, do no harm.

they should make politicians take the hippo's oath.

im all sticky! im a SAP like the cracker says. i hear the saps flakes off when you pick up a pitch fork and a torch!

sparringK9 said...

i agree about the gold. i never understood how it would work after a while.

to moi: the crazy uncle doesnt look crazy today does he? grrrerhahaha he had some vetting problems...but in light of obamas? its a laugh riot.

Jenny said...

a few bags of rice in the basement won't hurt either.

Troll -

"Clinton, Republicans agree to deregulation of US financial system
By Martin McLaughlin
1 November 1999
Use this version to print

An agreement between the Clinton administration and congressional Republicans, reached during all-night negotiations which concluded in the early hours of October 22, sets the stage for passage of the most sweeping banking deregulation bill in American history, lifting virtually all restraints on the operation of the giant monopolies which dominate the financial system."

It's time to stop blaming Parties and realize this more about values/morals/greed than Political Parties.

h said...


The devil is in the details and what's happened SINCE 1999 and specfically with Fannie and Freddie. Conservatives have objected to what's REALLY going on since 1999. Democrats have BLOCKED all efforts at reform since 1999.

The truth is that what is on PAPER in the 1999 Bill never matched the REALITY within Freddie and Fannie.

Such is the case with a lot of legislation.

There's plenty of bi-partisan follies in DC. But the problem with Freddie and Fannie is 99% a Democrat problem.

moi said...

Buying gold is a great idea, but remember, it's not an investment, it's insurance. If/when the dollar is completely devalued, it will be an efficient means of trade/barter. Just make sure you buy the physical stuff – coins and bullion, etc. and keep it safe someplace AT HOME, not in a safety deposit box. Aunty's idea to collect heritage seeds is a great idea, too, as they are not genetically engineered for eventual sterility.

As for this being a non-partisan issue, I couldn't agree more. Look, both parties are essentially the same in that both lust for power and cover up that lust with superficially different "philosophies" so we THINK we're voting ideas. I blame every politician who believes it is their duty to manipulate the marketplace and every American who allowed them to do so.

Anonymous said...

Wow y'all! I thought serious subjects was fer the other porch! Last time the heads were screaming fer to BUY GOLD!,....some did just that in real gold bricks and poof! it twer blown up in Cantor Fitzgerald's vaults on 9/11. No "recovery" for acts of war nor terrorism so twas a big financial OUCH! So... the backyard gold storage might should be your option. I won't be buying any gold....but I have a pretty good collection of old gold and silver jewelry I took down to git weighed and valued and put away in the bank box for insurance. Tweren't all that much but once I added in the old stuff in the boxes from the ancestors...well, I smiled.
Aunty, youre onto something good... I got me a big yard, sunshine and water to go wif some heritage seeds I put aside for
Y2K ! My other plan....I spect I'll work at least until I'm a hundred!

ThursdayNext said...

our candidates are a reflection of society, so start being upstanding in your own home first before criticizing others...that is my new mantra. i am on wall street now - the clients are as greedy as the investors and most of those clients are rich republicans. :)

NYD said...

Put simply: I have never agreed with someone as thoughly as I do with you on this.

..................... said...

you know ..
we are a 2 income family ..
but we've always bought homes that we could afford on one salary ..
...and before that..
we rented for yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaars..

Bird said...

nope, we have no intrinsic right to own our homes or have a college education. but we do have the right to equal opportunity to such things. and that's the crux of the American Dream - equal opportunity. The idea that we can rise to the level dictated by our intelligence, talents, and drive unfettered by class, race, gender, ethnic background and economic status.We also have in this country an implied social contract that informs us that our governemnt is here to do the things we cannot do as individuals, and that we as a society will not allow anyone to fall too far below the safety net. That as a society, it is in our best interest to make sure we have an educated population, and that we will indeed have a fair and equal playing field. Our social contract is shredded; our government is more interestd in helping the big guy than helping the little guy.

the sub prime loads - geesh - didn't those folks who took those loans think about the cost? once upon a time, I had a home and a mortgage - and when I took out that mortgage, I did the calculations - could I afford the mortgage even if my income DIDN'T go up? If the value of the house didn't go up, could I pay my bills wihtout opening up an equity line of credit?

The answers were all yes, so I took the loan and bought the house.

However, there are stupid, or ignorant people in the world who are schmucks and succumbed to predatory practices. i feel sorry for them, they deserve a little help - but the big wigs do not! and that's who's getting bailed out - the big wigs.


Edith said...

You crack me up lady :)

Aunty Belle said...

Ya'll..I'se workin' and tryin' to prepare a back porch post fer later--I'se so happy to see ever'body.

Bird Beauty! I looked fer ya in SF, last week, rode the cars but never seen yore plumage!

Short, heh...happy to oblige.

NYD, thanky thanky--more to come.

Thursday Next, ain't no clean hands is they? But Dems is the biggest finger print on Freddie and Fannie.

Anon Boxer-babe, got the rice--no kiddin'. Aunty can be a pack rat. When Jan 2008 rolled round and Aunty seen rice riots in SE Asia, I done packed away the grain. Uncle thinks I'se nuts...but less so every day.

Foamy, I luvs ya. So grounded.

Fishy, yep--put not yore trust in gold. Heh.

Moi and Pup, Aunty stands by her funky plan: buy heritage seeds. Good as gold when the world loses its financial mind.

h said...

Great article from a highly qualified but UNHEARD voice at the Troll Report today.