Caught on C-Span! WANT TRUTH?

Black Caucus & Fannie Mae in Bed


h said...

Hall-of-Shame material along with Dodd, Schumer, Frank, and Obama.

sparringK9 said...

of course. but you have to WANT to know - meanwhile all around me, the beautiful people, the artists and writers the chardonnay and hummus consumers and the righteous indignant will vote for obama -even if a meteor with the truth hit them square on.

nothing can be done about that.

ThursdayNext said...

Again, deregulations voted on by both Democrats and Republicans alike are to blame in the end. As for voting...well, count me in with the chardonnay drinking, hummas eating, beautiful people voting Democrat so perhaps these banks can have some fucking rules to follow.

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...


Honey Chile', If I believed in hexes, I'd put one on that crew--disgustin' effluvium.

I mean, Troll, think! Who can look at that video of a congressional hearin' an' see all them Republicans *begging* for controls on Fannie and all them Demoncrats lyin' through they wigs claimin Frank Raines was a hero and Fannie was a thang of Beauty?

Plain records show Obama took thousands from Fannie, his advisers left the campaign over Fannie loan irregularities, that he is Marxist, that his old constituents in Chicago live in WORSE slums than before his pals skimmed millions from the housin' redevelopment loans he secured fer 'em...an'the beat goes on, what can we say about people who choose to be duped by this corrupt cardboard-cutout?

Pup, Sweet Rottie,

paint that up will ya'....them chardonnay hummus suckin' crooked loan consumers, lookin' up fer the messiah and bein' hit by a meteor of truth--heh, meteor of truth, I love that.

Folks doan want truth, Pup, they want to create the appearance that their way of thinkin' is right. Right an' wrong doan matter none, only the appearance of it. Now ya knows the full meanin' of
"people git the gubmint they deserve"

Thursday Next, Puddin'

Darlin' Aunty loves ya so much, I'se callin' fer an intervention: GET THIS LASSIE OFF CHARDONNAY, SEND HER A CASE OF PINOT GRIGIO!!

( oh-oh--- I don't censor or use comment moderation, I jes' ask folks to be mindful of the delicate nature of mah eyes and ears so that indelicate words doan git loose in heah. Thanky! )

(true confession: I likes red pepper hummus. Reckon I'll give it up)

sparringK9 said...

your first comment was much better aunty. im disappointed.

to thursday next : *snort* -shaking the dust and movin' on.

Aunty Belle said...

Pup, youse makin' me smile...heh. Same comments is given, jes' rearranged. Last try, ya know?

SophieMae said...

aaaaacckkkkk!!! Hang on while I go bleach my eyeballs! )*;*(


OK... I'm still in the boonies on dial-up, so veejos are a luxury. But I have seen some of those reports on telly and been sickened.

Truth?! Their new-age definition of truth - and history - is 'whatever the individual perceives it to be'. My resident newshound has been reading to me about Barachameleon's efforts to enlist police entities to crack down on people who tell lies about him. Considering his fairy tale about the bracelet, he should be the first one to be arrested.

Oh, stop me, please! I need to get to the store before it closes!

The Social Reformer said...


R.Powers said...

Eating hummas ... I thought that's what rich wall street greedinators drive?

I'm on dialup just like my pal Sophie ... so I have to pass on vids ...
...I'll just go around to the front door now.


moi said...

Thursday, I'm interested in your view of the Federal Reserve.

As far as I can see, it is an unelected, government-licensed monopoly that meets in secret, has no oversight, and yet, for some reason, has the power to do what no other institution – including the "free market" – has the power to do: control our money supply. And control the rates at which banks and other lending institutions can lend money. Seems to me this mortgage crisis lies mostly on the Fed's shoulders, the direct result of their continual and artificial lowering of interest rates, which encouraged bad lending practices.

Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Youse is grand public service!

Course at the moment what you showing me deys government thieves is serving up gives me the serious complaint!

I rekkon what is burning the tar outta me is they gettin away with theiving from the folks who actually pay theys house loans, pays they taxes, pays for themselves and is responsible and accountable for they's actions AND have truly generous souls toward the less blessed.

So now we is a government that PUNISHES the good folks, REWARDS criminals! Worse, they did that with the damn Democraps controlling the senate.


I been hearing all my grown life bout the "silent majority" and I am putting out notice all of us GOOD AMERICANS need to take to the streets and be silent no more. We got to stop this now...I can't hardly breathe right cause of fearin what's comin.