Beach Backroad

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Hey ya'll

'Member them Morning Sunrise photos two posts back? Well, I took the backroads home from the beach...and thought ya'll would like to see another version than ya' see on the Florida interstate highways. Folks along the back roads make their livin' out of the city and it is interestin' that it can still be done by ornery independent individuals.

Does ya see this critter behind the sheep pen?

The fella next to the sheep farm sold goats--

(yep, me an' uncle eats goat kids--an' iffin' ya'll ain't tried BBQ kid, or Greek style goat-kid, or even Central American Cabrito , doan say nuthin' til ya' have a go at it!)

Now this here is a fella what has in his home warehouse THE finest 18th century furniture ya'll will find in all of Floridy--no kiddin'. He has columns and highboys and linen presses from Virgina plantations. He has Vermont desks and corner cabinets. Mercy, but this fella has purty things--way way way back in the woods a'tween the ocean and the higher sandy ground. Sigh...iffin' I wuz a rich Cracker Lady, I'd buy him out!! But I'd have to elbow out the tony types from SoFlo.

One of mah favorite thangs is when a storm is brewin'. In the Palmetto scrub land that lies between the St. John's River and the Atlantic ya can see the storm a'comin' from fer off---

and the clouds that form ain't like nowhar' else.

And the whole show brings out the birds...

An' look at this beauty hidin' from my camera--see it? The blue beauty behind them red berries?

Ah....it's hot and humid, but ya'll Florida is gorgeous!


Serena said...

Nothin' like Southern backroads scenery. Shoot, I can find it in my own neighborhood every now and then.:)

darkfoam said...

i love to drive the backroads ..

thanks for sharing these photos ..
they truly do show the beauty of florida ..

MuffinRub said...

Aunty Belle, I'm not trying to embarrass you, but as any true southern knows, it's y'all.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Gorgeous skies. I spent Several Easter weeks in Florida as a kid near Destin and loved it. Now I live where there is plenty of sand, just a little short on water...

sparringK9 said...

i love it! clouds there ARE like no other. great pix aunty!

moi said...

I love summer thunderstorms. We get our share around here, too, but I'd love to see how they compare in Florida. P.S. - Goat = delicioso!

h said...

Yep. No sky like a Summer Florida Sky. We had awesome storms last night which allowed Mr. Troll to turn off the AC and sleep with fresh lightning ionized air for the third night in a row.

It ain't that bad here if you're not lazy and stupid. Get up and go out from dawn til 10 or so. And then again after a thunderstorm. Try not to be a Mad-Dog Englishman and be outside from 11-4 for no practical reason.

Use your brain regarding windows, shades, porches, wind direction, sun position, fans, clothing, swims, room colors, diet, beverage choices, etc...

I'm rarely uncomfortable and I run my AC less than just about anyone.

Aunty Belle said...


... hey Sugar Pie--why welcome! Ain't it fun to revisit yore own neighborhood and see it afresh??


.....I'se wif' ya --nuthin' like takin' the time to see what on the backroads.

Muffin Chile', hey hey!

...Ya' know what? Think youse right...but doan fergit that poor Aunty ain't nuthin' but a Cracker Lady...heh heh. I got in the habit of ya'll over y'all, on account of usin' " ya'" instead of "you" , then jes' appended the 'll to make the plural. But I'se sure youse correct and will mend mah ways forthwith!

Pho-Kid!! Hey hey.


......short on water, Puddin'? Well, c'mon down! Destin is nice. Been to that paper cut-out town of Seaside? Ain't amkin' fun of it--I akshully like it an' think it were well done. Sorta story-book-like.

K9, Ya' mangy rangy pup!

...........HAd a good good ride and knew youse gonna love them cumulus clouds!

Moi, Dahlin',

....is ya' recovered? I been in ore desert onc't time and it DID storm--I will say, it were magnificent. Them desert reds and oranges is eye poppin'. AN' uh...why'd I KNOW youse smart one, a fan of goat? Heh.


....ya' knows yore Florida stuff! I is mighty impressed. Ionized air! Nuthin' so good fer relaxed sleep.

Uncle is a bear on keepin' shutters and such closed when the sun moves high in the sky...and we have trees over us fer good shade. When he built this ole place, why, he built up offa the ground some so that air flows...high ceilings, lots of ceiling fans, porches and such.

Wear white or light, natural fibers only, iffin' ya must go out slap a Panama on yore haid.

I reckon I sound extreme, but it is 96 and only 12:30 (11:30 by suntime, not DLS time)

Anonymous said...

Amen Aunty. It seems to me the people who complain the loudest about heat and humidity are the DUMBEST in terms of common-sense keeping-cool methods.

Jenny said...

Hey, blogger ate my comment from yesterday. :-(

I love the back roads of this country and try very hard to travel off the highways whenever I have a chance. AND, "iffin' I wuz a rich Cracker Lady, I'd buy him out", TOO!!

NYD said...

During summer anyting NOT inna city can be gol danged magikal

Carla said...

Florida sure is gorgeous. Love the pics.

Ed said...

I prefer the backroads when I've got the time to get somewhere. I think I've travelled almost all of them in my state at one point or another. Love the sunrise shots from one of your earlier posts. Those would have to be sunset for me being on the west coast...

sparringK9 said...

they oughta make the cracker style house again that allows for cross venilation! up on blocks too. so the dogs have a cool place to lay.

Big Shamu said...

Whenever I can afford it, I take at least two weeks off from work and plant my ass on Sanibel Island with the biggest lens I can afford to rent and play wildlife stalkarazzi. I'm always amazed by the storm clouds. At least in Florida I usually don't have to worry about tornadoes. Hurricanes - yes - tornadoes, not so much.
Damn these high gas prices, now my gas pedal foot's getting all itchy.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey AB,

...I'se takin ya to the ole fellas' shop--youse gona wail and moan it is so beautiful what furniture he done gathered up.

NYD Sugar,

...I hear that!! "hot" and "city" is not a good recipe. I likes urban jungles on the fall.

Hey Carla!!

...so pleased to see you. Come down heah and show me how to be more self sufficient. Doan ya love that these folks is out theah doin' more wif less?

VE, Hey Puddin'

....I gotta say, I also find the settin' sun a worthy pursuit. Onc't, in Spain, I had a weird experience fer a Floridian: I watched the sun set...on the ATLANTIC! Yep, the west coast of northern Spain affords an USA east coaster to see the sun set on the Atlantic--odd feelin'.

K9 Puppy Thang,

........thas' right!! Them "crawl spaces" is perfect fer critters...or old tires, empty beer kegs, rusty saws, spent shotgun shells...an' keeps the house ventilated.

Big Shamu! Hey Sweet Pea!

...........Sanibel!! Oh yea! TO heck wif' the gas prices--(comin' down round heah anyway)and git on down theah. Ain't that many south gulf hurricanes. ANd besides , a good storm makes fabulous clouds and throws up magnificent shells. Looky--I know when ya come youse gonna catch a Snook--and cook it up real good an' me and Uncle wants a taste!

Big Shamu said...

I don't know Aunty, them snook are pretty sneaky.
Crap, now my gas pedal foot is tapping out "On the Road Again".

R.Powers said...

Had a goat named Buffett once, pissed himself constantly and fairly reaked of the stuff. I could not imagine eating such a thing ... even though there were times when wringing his neck crossed my mind.
Love your pics, reminds me of Yeehaw Junction and my days with the SJRWMD.

Aunty Belle said...

Big Shamu Darlin'

...why's I git a feelin' ya' can handle "sneaky"? HOWWWWL!

FC, Sweet Thang,

...mayhap we got us an uh-oh...when was ya wif' SJRWMD? Will say some of them is the real goats... could tell ya some sad stories of folks unable to so much as clear 20 feet of a lake front fer a dock. But I reckon youse one of the finer fellas ever been at the place.

Anonymous said...

lotsa critters here in Florida - I don't eat none of them! ;-)

Olympics blog up... come on by!

ThursdayNext said...

Glad you are having fun in Floryda! Oh man, I love curried goat! :)