Morning Has Broken

Spent last night at the Atlantic side of this peninsula. Rewards are plentiful, but this wins hands down. (shot from 6:15-7am, July 29th)


ThursdayNext said...

Aunty, these are stunning. Just stunning. I am glad that this was your morning...I hope you had the perfect summer day. xoxo

Gnomeself Be True said...

I'm missing the ocean.

sparringK9 said...

spec. tack. u. lar!!! east coast rules. grrrherherhhahaha

Aunty Belle said...


thanky Sugar Pie. It was an incredible mornin', I must tell ya'.

hey! Well, C'mon back--ain't hardly nuthin' like it when ya git on the Atlantic or Gulf...

....K9, Dawgie,
you had yore insides jiggled? No earthquake whar' ya is out theah?

You say it true--East Coast rules!! I will admit that the West coast is lovely--Uncle and me done that PCH/ Big Sur thang....jes' gorgeous. BUT...ya cain't walk it, swim it (brrr!) and the sea lions is a mite odiferous fer me.

Poor California--hate to watch the news on them fires.

....Ya'll, Aunty has some more photos comin'...I meandered home that day from the beach--funny shots of backroads Floridy.

sparringK9 said...

red gator time and swamp cabbage salat. grrrrherhahaha. yeah california is good - in its own way. but i could not be dynamited out of the american south.

although i did get a comment or two at the museum yesterday wearing my

"atticus finch is my co-pilot" t-shirt

the frida kahlo show was amazing! very comprehensive...many i had never seen. not even when i went to mex. city.

Walker said...

That is just stunning.
I have a collection of sunsets that i have seen from around the world and Canada, noone s catching me up at 6 am unless i am still up from the night before but these are up there even with the sunsets i saw in New Zealand which i thought were some of the best.

Jenny said...

These are stunning and beautiful - it's not hard to understand why people used to think they were looking at heaven during mornings like this.

But... let's show a little love for us out West - I know our water is cold (and we have jelly fish too!) but our salmon is fabulous!

ImagineMel said...

those are astounding! Beautiful.

R.Powers said...

Silly Floridacentric me, I only thought of the east and west sides of FL.
There's some other coast?
I thought California was a myth, a tale told late at night to scare small children.

Your pics are lovely by the way.

moi said...

These are simply stunning! I will have to come back to this post over the next couple of days to remind myself of that particular peace and beauty.

darkfoam said...

absolutely beautiful...
we vacation on the east coast every year, of course..
but we vacation on one of the few east coasts (holden beach) that faces south. we don't get the son setting into the sea. i miss that.