What I ain't tellin' Ya'll

NOTE: New Back Porch post is up

A few weeks back, a family member and Aunty took Granny up the road.

We'uns call Granny "Mimi" and often, "Mimi-cita" meanin' (fer the Spanish challenged) "Little Mimi."

But I ain't tellin' ya'll about that right now cause I ain't had time to download the camera so I can show ya'll the AMAZIN' place we took Mimi-cita. (But I will, when the dust clears in this kitchen re-do)

An', I got a fine new Uncle story fer ya'll too....but ain't tellin' yet as I ain't got time to get it laid out jes' proper.

So....what I IS tellin' ya' is please check in again next week fer some good fun.

Oh, yeah...right now I is INTO Henry V!

Even iffin' ya ain't Shakespearean in education, it is worth yore investment in time--git the movie and watch it until ya git it.

This heah is one of the most famous (and short!) speeches in the English language--iffin' it doan stir ya soul, then please leave me in ignorance of your souless-ness!

An' Aunty's funeral song (no time soon!) is gonna be taken from this movie:


ThursdayNext said...

I remember being thirteen and seeing this version of the play and being amazed (yes, Jane was a nerd as her tween years hit) at Branagh among other things! I love the tender scene at the end with he and Katherine...its sweet. The Band of Brothers speech also got me in the actual HBO series...and I felt it so differently yet still powerfully.

Jenny said...

I loved watching these clips and that music is .... wonderful/sad.

My funeral song (no time soon either) is Amazing Grace played by bagpipes.

Looking forward to the Uncle story and kitchen pictures?

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Thursday! No, darlin' youse no Nerd fer lovin the Bard. Jes' ahead of the game. Branagh is fabulous--his performance in the movie Frankenstein is masterful.

As fer his wooing of Katherine, isn't thst a delight? A king/soldier who had mirth and whimsy when courtin.'

Anon Boxer! Ya recovered from the Festival ?? (hee hee). Ya can git the movie Henry V from netflix (or amazon)an' it is SO GOOD. The battle of Agincourt.

Bagpipes!Yes yes...Uncle wants Bagpipes too--but no time soon!

Stories comin' as soon as I can find mah camera in all this mess (the kitchen is displaced to eve'r other room!) and download some thangs.

sparringK9 said...

i liked this movie -didnt LOVE it. i do like branaugh though - in particular loved him as benedick in much ado about nothing. hmmmmm...my funeral music? how about the looney tunes theme with a hearty "thats all folks" at the end?

on to frankenstein. no. that movie was not good. it wasnt. i give it a "c" at best. frankenstein has yet to be filmed adequately. but young frankenstein even as a comedy trumps most serious treatments.