Mebbe it ain't so bad??

He ya'll.

Hoo-doggie, I miss gittin' round to see whas' up wif' ya'll. When I can git around some--I'll catch up.

We's makin' mornin coffee on the washin' machine..workers saw horses is all over the dern place. Workmen at 7 am--eeek! (Now ya'll KNOWS Aunty is in her neck-to-ankle batiste 'til at least 9 am). Least ways, we ain't kilt each other, an' I ain't in the nut house...yet.

Thang is, the new kitchen will look jes' like the old- same layout but wif' new cabinets, new counters, new appliances--to git us cleaned up and operatin' wif' all them modern thangs all ya''ll have.

Only splurge is a copper bar sink across from mah work area so Uncle will stay on HIS side of the kitchen. Aunty's formerly size four fanny has "gone to spreadin' " (As Cherry Belle tole me) so they ain't room fer him and me at the same kitchen sink.

But nevermind mah miseries.

Here is a link what explains why life in the US of A ain't as bad as the yakky heads would tell ya'.

"The way we are could use some work, but overall, is pretty good. The way we think we are is terrible, horrible, awful. Possibly worse." Read more here.


Karen said...

I hope things get back to normal for you soon Aunty. all that mayhem in the hub of the home sounds stressful but like you said, at least you haven't killed each other yet and that's gotta be a bonus.

Look forward to seeing you when you get back.

h said...

"Gone to spreadin". Grrherhahahaha.

Remember when Wrangler came out with a new style of jeans with the politely worded feature of "A scoash more room in the seat"?

Bird said...

oh dear lord - i hear ya with that "gone to spreadin" though in the last year, i have successfully reduced significantly my spread - hahaha!

i can't say i agree at all with the WSJ's upbeat tone - there's something awry with their assessment. but i can focus on my personal positives:

work i love, colleagues and friends who are intelligent, witty, loving and thoughtful, a terrific apartment in the city i love, good health, and plenty of time this summer to work on creative projects.

and of course, much more. but those are the highlights.

Jenny said...

Oh, I love that sink Aunty! And being a huge fan of Home and Garden TV, I'm always happy to hear about home improvment. Come to think of it, my kitchen cupboards are looking a little krappy.......

Have a great weekend.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I haven't checked out the links but I did want to say hello.

darkfoam said...

hope you are spreading in there .. oops .. no i meant hanging in there of course
i read those links a day ago ..

moi said...

Oh my goodness, that sink is beautiful. Sending you lots of good thoughts for a speedy completion! Thanks for the links!