I Ain't gonna do it--no way!

I ain't !

Nobody can make me.

I'd rather scrub floors.

Doan think ya' can persuade me.

Nuthin' is glittery enough to catch mah eye,

No bargain is big enough...

I ain't gonna git in mah buggy and slug it out wif' all them fierce red- eyed wimmin at no dern mall whar' they's all seein' who can raise blisters on AMEX cards afore they blister they bunions .

Mah sister -in-law akshully wears a T-shirt that reads "I was mauled in the Greedy Gap Mall"

NOPE -- the day after Thanksgivn' is mah signal to hibernate. Hunker down wif' a stack of books, clean the silver, organize the pantry.

For no one and no thing would Aunty set foot in no mall, boutique, not even
Madison Avenue .

Iffin' ya'll has the shoppin' fever, mah condolences. (but I'se happy to hear about yore war wounds.)


h said...

Happy Thanksgiving! The Troll Method, you ask?

1) Determine who's earned Troll Points by being naughty or nice.

2) Visit Wal-Mart.Com for food baskets. (much cheaper and just about as good as hickory farms.

3) Click. Click. Click. etc...

4) DONE!

Might get something from She-Beast's greenwing site too. CLICK!

moi said...

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

I so, SO wanted to be in shape to shop today. But, alas: non.

I ate enough to feed a small third world island nation and digesting is taking a tad longer than expected.

darkfoam said...

my first xmas season here, oh some 20 years ago or so, mr foam dragged me out on black friday.....to a mall, no less...
i was horrified, aghast, claustrophic.... i almost was ready to pack my bags, leave him and move back to germany. i have never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever ventured anywhere on black friday again.
i stay put and putter around in the house.

david santos said...

You are Master!
Thank you
have a good weekend

Aunty Belle said...

Hey ya'll!

I survived Black Friday--did not leave this plot of ground! Worked in mah herb garden and watched old VCR tapes (need to have them thangs put on DVDs!) Uncle is down in the deep woods huntin'...so I had the place to meself.

Artfulsub, I likes yore efficiency --jes' click a gift. What I loves is those gold foil wrapped pears from Harry & David. Say, here's a deal: I'll send citrus, you send me some of THIS year's crop of pecans.

Moi, howdy! Hope the digestion process is finally complete...send coupons to the Third World Island. (youse hilarious!) lemme me know what ya find out there iffin' ya go this weekend--wait!! Iffin' youse goin', can I sent you mah list??? (heh heh!)

Foamy Lady!! Ooh, we's a pair. I HEAR ya' on that. Here's what I did finally go out an do:

It were 60 degrees at 8am this mornin', so I went on over to the Farmer's Market and found them amazing peach to copper to bronze pansies--what a coup! Next some gorgeous oak-leaf lettuce grown by a mother and son team (Aunty oughta learn to grow this here lettuce--it is as purty as any flower.) And I placed my order for a magnolia leaf wreath.

Ya'll it's sunny in that Floridy winter-y way--a sort of soft brightness without the harshness of the summer sun. I'se gonna fetch Granny fer a "sit-a spell" on the Back Porch --doan worry, she will sleep though most of any jaw-flappin' that goes on.)

Hope all ya'll is content, and thinkin' on how blessed we all is--to live where we can say what we thinks, find what we need in most any store, freely travel to family and friends...an' I'se jes' real thankful fer all of ya'll!

Bird said...

I'm with ya on this one, AB!

No shopping for me!

Though I did go to San Francisco's famous shopping area, Union Square, on Friday - but for the tree lighting - not for shopping. Oh - I did make a purchase while I was there - I bought a tree light - proceeds to benefit the children's hospital. Now that kind of shopping I can handle the day after Thanksgiving.

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are enjoying your hibernation.

Whuchya reading?

swoosh, swoop, and soar!

Jenny said...

I went out early to look at decorations and then came home to the safety of Internet shopping.

I hope you continue to have a relaxing weekend!

butterflygirl said...

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I'm doing the EXACT same thing! I cooked all day on Saturday- but the evening was given up for reading...and this afternoon as well- because there's left over pot roast and fried corn bread, beef stew with soft potatoes, carrots, and beef that melts in your mouth- as well as squash casserole (and it was worth waiting for!)- and I suppose I will make fudge later...
but none of that involves shopping :)

And what I'm reading, for once, is just fluff stuff teen-romance novels that my 6th grader is consuming :) (I like to know what's filling her mind- it's important- I think)

She just finished "1984" with a firm grasp of the evils of Big Brother (who we think kind of resembles Hillary)- and the dangers of the Ministry of Love, Peace, Truth, and Plenty. She deserves some fun reading now- don't you think? :)

Hugs Aunty- glad you enjoyed your holiday-- and that neither of us set a foot in a mall or department store. I'm thankful I didn't need, or even want to!

boneman said...

No mam, there ain't no war wounds on this non-combatant shopper.
I like a nice stroll and right t'where I'm goin', thankyou very much!

Most times it's pictures I paint, anyway!

I was very suspicious as the Thanksgiving time started peeking at us all a week or so early of its actual arrival, but, the danged media was calling it "black Friday"....
now, just what in the dickens is THAT supposed t'mean?
Come to find out that the money pants compnies figured t'call it "black friday" (heck no, I ain't gonna capitalize that...)
so we would all think they were doin' poorly and maybe we could help them out some and come shop...

(oh, LORD! The violin music I feel fer them jerks couldn't drown out a gnat!)

....it does appear, though, that is was a semi-successful stunt. I hear they are, for the most part, doing just fine and dandy.

If they're doing so high and fine, though, here's hopin' they SPEND some of that loot on AMERICAN products this year!
And, if they're worried about you-know-what being missing from their buys, well, for sure, most car parts stores still carry lead additive.
("Gosh, Mommy! It smells just like the toys I bought !" )