Ants in Mah Pants

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Hey ya'll.... I shure did miss ever'body durin' my Lenten hiatus ... but I did notice ya'll made out jes' fine wif'out Aunty B lookin' over ya shoulders.

I done had mah fill now of deviled eggs and chocolate bunnies....but mercy! What a Spring we is havin'! We even had a lost duck lay her eggs at the end of the rose bed in a clump of ferns! Imagine the surprise of Easter Egg hiders when t hey found those eggs in the very sot they though to hide some eggs!

The flowers is too gorgeous to describe, the sky so blue, grass green enough ter hurt yore eyes..
But I still is hearin' the call.

Ya know? That tug at the heart , that yearnin' in the bones to be on the move....

I'se always content to git home afterwards, but I knows when I'se wastin' effort to resist--I gotta git ter roamin' here now here in a few weeks--got the bug, ants in mah knickers.... "I'm a-leavin' on a jet plane" but I does know when I'll be back again...

So tis here is what I'se wonderin': Whar does ya'll wanna go? If ya had ONE surprise trip to take this year, whar' would ya go?


Anonymous said...

Loverly pictures Aunty Belle. I hope you're well and having fun!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Dear Aunty-
If I could have one surprise trip-that I couldn't make otherwise, I'd head to the Phillipines.
But heavens- I'd do just about anything to avoid more than 12 hours on a plane...so I might have to stop over in Europe first.
Been to China, and South Africa, but not Europe.

And, By the way...I missed you :)
Good to see you here again~

Malinda777 said...

I don't have any surprise trips coming, but I AM GOING TO JAMAICA IN NOV...on my sister's honeymoon (we're in our 40's...a good thing, not whacked)...

Me personally though...I have some strange places I'd like to land if'un a surprise came up...

Egypt - Pyramids
Jerusaleum - Holy Land
Russia - Kremlin
#1 - GREECE - Want one of those romantic Greek vacations!
Paris, Rome, and even though I've heard it's over-rated...would like to float through Venice...

Anonymous said...

my heart always yearns to go to just about anywheres that's not here..

Aunty Belle said...

Hey hey all ya'll!!

So happy ter see each of you.

Fatty, I'se havin' a fine time plannin' next jaunt--Italy--comin' up soon an' wish I could take all my blogger buddies.

Hey Mayden!! Baby doll, how's
life ?? I'd LOVE to go to the Philipines too! (with a stopover in South Africa--wow. Real nice to have been missed.

Malinda? Yore sis is tyin' a knot?? Hoo-whee! Ya'll will have some rollikin' good times in Jamaica --"jamaicin me crazy!" But when youse going to Jerusalem holler fer me--I'll go! (Ain't never been thar!)

Foam....whas' wrong with "here"? Sugar, make it as purty as ya can, an' smile on it. An read of far away, an' soon enough, ya will go there.

Anonymous said...

hey aunty

i am going to italy too...but not until october. if i could go anywhere at all??? maybe portugal, or way south in SA say, uruguay? im glad to see you again. i hope you have a great trip and look forward to the posts that are sure to follow.


darkfoam said...

oh heck, nothing is wrong with here.
it's beautiful here in this foothill/mountain county i live. it was beautiful where i lived in Germany. but, i've always had a hankerin' to just pack up and go. that wanderlust started early when i was in my teens ..

Bird said...

Hey AB, nice to see you back. Thanks for visting the roost too.

Love those pictures.

I have a similar itch - been daydreaming about Paris, London, Brussels, or a beach in Spain, or a cottage in Mendicino on the northern California coast, or almost anywhere - i just wanna go.

but i have to cool my jets i think until december, when i head out to thailand for christmas and new year.

then again ... a short jaunt might call me away as soon as the dang semester is over.

italy! excellent - i can hardly wait til you go and come back with traveler's tales and pictures to post. when ya leavin? hurry up and go, would ya? yeah!

happy trails!


Lady Prism said...

hello Aunty Belle!!..me' missed you so..the hubby and kids are doing well...um'..the kids are getting into me though with their endless computer gaming!...Right now I have to water a few pots of plants..but before that to answer your question...hmmmmm

I would want to go to Singapore...We've been planning this trip over and over..but work and bills and bills and bills get into the way..so if I could just take that trip to Singapore this year..yeehah' to that!...

I would luv' to go to Tuscany and Florence too...and Paris and London...and Switzerland...and California.....

Right now though..the only place I'm goin' is inside my kitchen...hee!hee!