Movies with a Message

(Why War, What War? is on the BACK Porch--heah is fer more civilized conversin')

Hey ya'll,

I'se been watchin' all kinds of movies--nothin' stellar, jes' stories. Last night, IF ONLY, shot in London. It features a pretty American girl in love with an ambitious young Londoner who puts ambition over relationships....bad dream sets him straight--a "live your life like this is the last day" theme. Cute, enjoyable. But a friend said he was tired of "movies with a message."

But this message not political or theological or economical, jes' plain ole' human: live life with your priorities in order--seems ter be a message that most of us can manage to stomach wif'out ruinin' the movie. All the same, the comment about message movies has some punch. Are we being manipulated by movie makers? Was it ALWAYS so?

I tried ter think about the greats--Casablanca? Yeah...
What about The Matrix? Yep.
On the Waterfront? Definately.

But most message movies these days--well are they "great"? Million Dollar Baby? Puh-lease. I doan see those unless I see's the antidotes, Just Like Heaven.

But not all movies are messages. Some is jes'disasters that mmake money-- I mean disaster flicks that pull in a tide of green: Jaws, Earthquake, The Perfect Storm, Inferno.

Some is simply good yarns, ain't they? Gone With The Wind didn't leave me with no message other than what I already knowed: yankees were the born jerks of the world.

Some is hairy-scary (the hairs on ya' arm stands up)like Bette Davis in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte. Fatal Attraction was hairy. Play Misty for Me--eeek!

There are movies whose story line I ferget, but the photography was worth the two bits; Ryan's Daughter, Passage to India.

Some are jes' celluloid testosterone storms, an 'I guess that could be a message of sorts...Willis's many takes on Die Hard (Haw, haw.)And many of the James Bond films.
Balance those wif the gentle professor who becomes the reluctant hero, Indiana Jones.

Movies with character building is fine fer ole' Aunty, like Steel Magnolias, Spitfire Grill.

Others are too sweet to demean by noting they is vapid, like half of the Audrey Hepburn flicks...vapid or not, they's fun enough for a few hours escape, and the clothes are sublime! Some is fun and funny wif' nothin' of redeeming value --Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

One or two sci-fi per yer does the trick--much more and they run together. Still ain't figgered our 2001 Space Oddessy, but I does think I'm startin ter "get" Blade Runner.

Big historical themes is a good escape sometimes--though they seem to carry messages--Braveheart, Gladiator.

They's some actors I jes' cain't abide--won't see nuthin' they make--Jim Carey, Robin Williams. Geeks. Anyway--suddenly, middle-aged male bufoons ain't as interestin' as ole' women: Maggie Smith, Ellen Burstyn.

I like spy thrillers, but I cain't sit still much when it is a serious horror flick--some horrors is too true and I doan wanna go there. But some "horror" is deft and deep enough, and not actually a threat --Sixth Sense, but...er, I still cain't get through The Omen. Never did watch Silence of the Lambs, but I done read it.

Uncle Aloyisus doan like NO movies "that make ya' think" cause he done enough thinkin' at the office, he claims (They is some doubt on that point, however.)
"I goes to the picture show to be entertained, not to think" he said. Fer some of us, thinkin' IS entertainin'. But Uncle likes "chick flicks" if they's good love stories,
The Notebook.

Tonight, I ain't doin' the pickin'---I'll jes' be along fer the ride. But that is a message too: I trust ya' so doan pick a loser.


Ben Harcos said...

Hi Belle

Just thought it was about time for a visit. So: Hello!

BTW: I love Steel Magnolias but on the other hand: nothing to be said against testosterone storms from time to time.

Bye for now.

Aunty Belle said...

Darlin' Ben--gracious, Is'e so pleased ter see ya'! C/mon by an' say "hello" whenever youse nearby...delighted to have ya sit a spell.

Yep, I admit a testosterone storm is a refreshin gale force wind once in awhile--clears the air, chile' I'se all fer that!

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

now aunty, you know i love ya. but i have to take exception with yore dig on jaws. a masterpiece.

how could you leave out the omen as a great horror story. for God's sake aunty i STAR in it.

steel mags? gag and cough up a squirrel (no offense ben)

aunty 2001 has a nice tie in with the baCK porches content: first thing ape man does when he gets a tool? that;s right uses it to KILL!!!

gladiator. yeah baby love the fight in africa before he goes to rome. yikes!!! too bad about all the drippy soap opera stuff that broke up the battle scenes.....


Aunty Belle said...

Aw, Rottie...c'mon jaws is a masterpiece? How's it different from Inferno? Perfect Storm?
disaster movies that doan change the CHARACTER of the folks is jes' lame...but thas' jes' me.

OK--I'se concedin' that Steal Mags is a gag fest...except that The JR character is not embittered but rises above her fate--

Now about that 2001 observation--why dawg, youse perceptive.

I done left out the good detective movies..the whodunits. Sigh.

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

jaws is much more than perfect storm. all characters evolve as a result of the challenge. its beautiful, its funny, its paced well and it has robert shaw roy scheider and dreyfuss. c'mon

and the shark



Hellpig said...

The OMEN re-make 06/06/06 I am so there

Aunty Belle said...

Holy Hananh Hail Pig!! IS they making an OMEN 06/06/06???

Aunty B ain't much into numerology, prognosticatin' or prophetic bloviations, but....they is some real time wierdness that seems to put an ole' biddy off o' horror flicks that is meant to invoke/evoke actual evil, rather than ketchup and gummmy worms.

Nope--Dawg and Shoat, Aunty did not manage to sit through OMEN--even though I's partial to Miss Remmick...and Rottie o' course!

butterflygirl said...

I'm not a big fan of horror either. I'd rather watch a comedy or some action flick.

Have a good weekend!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Aunty Belle,
I loved Big Fish...wonderful story, interesting characters, the voice of the "Master Card" commercials, great ending :)

I watch this movie every few months. My kids are impressionable (and so am I, actually!) so no horror flicks...but I loved 6th sense. The kids were with Granny when we watched that one!

Just stopped in to say hello...said more than that, didn't I? :)

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Flutterby Butterfly! Nope--horror is for folks young enough not to have seen any real horror yet, (though not foe t he very young!)

Mayden, yes yes yes...sixth sense was very fine--the right sort of horror.

My horror fer this weekend is weeds and bugs--gotta get into the garden, LAwdy, but I'se been lazy--too much bloggin!jca

Lady Prism said...


Last Friday the whole family went out for a movie. I wasn't too enthusiastic for X - Men 3...and true...the fil simply had no lesson there....

But...the popcorn tasted fresh and the snuggling up with the Hubz' and seeing the fun in the eyes of my two boys was the best lesson ever for me...

Aunty Belle said...

chile' ya' done right by the boys--the big and the li'l. I'se been checkin' the movies listed in the profiles of most of our bloggin' community--I ain't even heard of quite a few of those movies!! Guess I need ter get
ter watchin'...

Lady Prism said...

Now my boys want to watch "Omen" as well...This is where I draw the line!..

Hellpig said...

IN the 1970's we were among the first families to have HBO,so one late night after mom's was asleep,I snuck down to watch the Exorcist,I was about 12,I tell you what I had nightmares for 10 years about that dang movie,it still sends chills down my spine

Aunty Belle said...

Amen, Sweet Shoat...Amen. I tired ter read the novel when I'se 'bout 24, thre the blasted thang aross the room---ain't ever seen the film version

Hellpig said...

It is considered a masterpiece today the DVD extended directors cut is AWESOME....

on a lighter note try "Team America" definite message there it is done with puppets but is outstanding the creators of south park produced it