And the Winners Are....

NEWS FLASH!!!! Update!!!! NEWS FLASH!!!

A new winner added cause Uncle an me is fussin' over the results.

Well, this is highly irregular, but it makes thangs a bit more fair, an--frankly--it is MAH blog, not Uncle's. Anyway, who says thar' cain't be a tie??

Wanna know who is the added winner? Scroll on down to the end....but I reckon ya already know, doan'cha??

* * ** * * * * * * ** ** * *

I'se real proud of all y'all who stopped by durin' Boxer's New Year's Eve extravaganza!

The most fun of all is noting how this extended blogger community has jes jelled--folks do care, take time to visit, note birthdays or illnesses, worry about safe travels an' empathize wif' the trials of life an celebrate its joys. Youse all a fine bunch. Please take a bow.

An' lemme add mah own particular praise to the others whose blogs hosted charitable initiatives. In the midst of our merrymaking, I'se grateful most of us'uns is aware that our blessin's ought to be shared. That is the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of community--that we look for an respect the people among us who need our help.

Now, fer the winners--those intrepid souls who plunged into wordplay despite the fuzziness that a New Year's Eve libation brings. Heh. Mah sincere thanks fer all who entered into this wif' wit an merriment.

The first word game was
Invent -a-Word, with three options: 1) to combine two celebrity names to create definition of a situation their names imply 2) invent a word for an event or situation that has no specific word 3) invent a word based on the name of a famous person.

There were some hilarious entries. Moi's "Liablize: Taking a wild guess as to what another person is likely to do in a given situation." has the ring of a word I bet is used in her surroundings--it sounds so right, doan it?

And Chickory's Lion King Kong caught me off guard an' a laughed right out loud (though it din't strictly follow the format, rather combined movie themes) an Fishy's Optiput, to mean optimum output is a good one! An Troll vented Gator fan frustration wif' "Spurrierized."

But the winner of the invent a word is
Troll's entry, "Jebabel, When you're far more competent than your older brother but he does something that prevents you from fulfulling your potential."

This entry is multi-layered, sophisticated an' historically true. It plays on brothers Cain an' Abel, the homophone Abel/ able, an' the historical truth of the Bush brothers, George and Jeb.

Congratulations Troll-man!

In the
Limerick game the entries were all delightful! Fishy's ode to Aunty's nightwear charmed me because she employed Aunty-Speak with the word wifa' ( with a) to pace her rhythm an rhyme. Clever Fishy. Still more Fishy limericks appeared as the night wore on--all quite accomplished, an' the Ode to Eggy was perfect.

Moi's limerick worked in the fashion video posted on the porch, an' I thought that was clever too. Troll's limerick, another nod to Aunty, warmed mah heart--an reaffirms what I knowed already: Fer a bridge dweller, Troll is one smart cookie--he can distinguish a Cracker from a redneck, a talent not ever'body shares.

But on the matter of limericks, Uncle shoved me aside an decided iffin' I could use his his deer in
garland making, then he, Uncle, could name the limerick winner, an' that'd be Foamy! You'll unnerstan' why when ya read it:

Now way down in old hot Savannah
Anna gripped an aged banana .. :)
Quite limp and soft to her touch
She jerked it with mighty clutch
It stiffened and Bill yelled Hosanna!

Now ya' knows Aunty is more reserved on matters of propriety, but since I snipped up half the treasures in Uncle's desk drawer to make Chickory's garland, I figgered I better let the man have his say on this.

Congratulations Foamy!!

The third word game wuz
fill in the blanks. I suspect not many had energy left for this game. Still we had some fun entries. La Diva Cucina said what we all feel--heh. An some had one or more of the five fill ins that were riotous. But the winner is the one who filled in this:

The ____________ of my____________ is__________.


"The dog of my heart is Ivan."

And her resolution is, well, jes' plain impressive.
Congratulations Moi!

Uncle done explained to me that I shouda jes' invited folks to play the games, not have a contest, cause in the end, it's jes' too tough to choose. I reckon he's right, an I'se learnin' somethin'. Each entry brought me a moment of happiness, a special "we're sharing this night" feelin', Thanky again to all who played--wif' out ya, the night would not have had such sparkle.
* *

If Troll, Foamy and Moi will email me their preference, food bank or homeless shelter or Veterans' scholarship fund, I will send the donations to their chosen charity. Bless y'all all!

* * * * * * * * *

An' now fer the added winner? Why it is FISHY! Her Ode to Eggy was so clever an' so apt to the moment that Aunty was jes' a stewin' over thar' bein' no prize fer her. This doan take nuthin' from Foamy's naughty but funny win (about which Uncle was adamant).

So raise a glass ( of OJ or some healthy somethin') to all the winners, includin' Fishy.

Fishy, please let me know yore charitable preference.

Program note: please check the Back Porch soon fer a new series of posts to begin soon. Not the usual polemical topics, but rather a serious historical find that will grab yore hearts.


Sharon Rudd said...

An impressive job by all the creative participants, and Aunty, you outdid yourself in the hosting department!

Boxer's bash was quite a blogapalooza, and I'm so honored to be part of this community and these fund-raising endeavors.

P.S. I am absolutely tickled purple with Fishy's limerick about me :)

moi said...

Oh, my, thank you, Aunty! Given all the clever and hilarious entries, I'm honored you chose me for a win.

My charity is New Day, http://www.ndnm.org/, an Albuquerque-based youth and family services organization that does exceptional work. Thank you for your contribution.

Congrats to Troll (so, so clever!) and Foamy (hilariously blue) for their wins, and to all of the other clever wordsmiths who kept us entertained. I'm still laughing at Lion King Kong . . .

darkfoam said...

Thanks aunty and thanks uncle! I loved all the limerick entries and really didn't expect to win (heck, i'm surprised you let me post it .. :). I'm tickled and honored that you .. err .. uncle chose me .. :) I'll be sending you an address to a charity anon.
I absolutely loved the entries to the other competitions which i didn't enter because i was just stumped for clever answers.
And congratulations to moi and troll!

fishy said...

Ain't this a fine way to begin a new year? I reckon we all enjoyed your game hostin' a plenty. And Belle, ya did a real fine job wif yer garland for the deer. Hope Uncle ain't grieving over none of them confettied papers.

Troll's "Jebabel" was brilliant, the clear winner. Moi's blank-in, just perfect, so full of heart.

Uncle done had the say on the
limerick play? Huh. Foamy's response to the win is a riot!

Fine games Aunty, fine fun. Congratulations to all the winners.
And to all the charities too!

LOL at Eggy being tickled "purple".

R.Powers said...

I thought this whole idea was just the cleverest thing, and intended to play, but life kind'a intruded and I spent New Year's on the road.

Glad it worked out so well and I enjoyed your winner's post.

moi said...

Congrats to Fishy for her win (a most well done limerick), and to you, Aunty for sticking to your guns. Sometimes, when there's no getting around the immovable force of a man's opinion, just go through it. Either that, or withhold supper :o)

LaDivaCucina said...

Haha! I'm still laughing over Uncle's antics. Have to say the same thing to my DJ myself sometime:
"Post this, no, post THIS!" NO.

Congrats to all the winners, well deserved all of them. All the games were fun!

Thanks again, Aunty for being such a gracious hostess. And thanks for the final tally, seeing numbers in black and white has a lot of impact. Well done, Aunty, to you and all of our blogging buds who took the time to participate and give. It sure was fun and I hope we don't have to wait an entire year to do it again! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

WhooHoo. Congrats to all the other winners. Glad you let Uncle have a vote, because Foam's was quite good and bawdy is a limerick tradition.

My charity is clickable at the Troll Stroll. (It fits the "homeless" category)

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

Happy New Year to you and Uncle!

Congrats to the winners!

Sorry I didn't play to much going on, for me to keep up with. Plus I'd start on one and then get this stuck in my head: There once was a man from Nantucket...and well, that where I get stuck.

fishy said...

Now Aunty,
don't you and Uncle go fussin' into this fine new year over a limerick. Just playing your wordy games was a fun present of a way to end the year with our blogger family :-)

Jenny said...

All winners! No losers!

That's the truth, but it also never hurts to know there's some friendly competition involved.

Such a smart, talented group.I'm proud to be part of it.


darkfoam said...

hey!! no fussing now! i'm tickled pink .. err .. purple. purple is my favorite color afterall.
i'm matching your donation, btw and will send you an address as soon as i confirm the address of my chosen local charity tomorrow.

Sharon Rudd said...

Woo-hoo! Just got home from the river to find your addendum. I'm delighted to have inspired Fishy's limerick and Aunty's added donation!

Off to Boxer's to sift rummage through the NYE comments and count up how many I need to add to my tally/donation.

Thanks again to all for making this such a memorable New Year's!

Sharon Rudd said...

My after-party post is up, and I am glad to be done with all that calculatin'. I've kicked in an extra $20 for you being so kind to Fishy (and me) for her limerick about my little virtual brunch.

Happy New Year to you and Uncle, and thanks for helping set this new year off on a good foot :)