Playing wif' Fire

Fer Troll's Holiday Throwdown the theme is smoke or fire.

Well, Aunty done had a week! Okay. Three days but it FEELS like a whole week.

So I'se cheatin', but it is better'n nothin'. Ain't made it this week, an' this ain't mah own photo. BUT, this is a dish I makes fer festive times --it never fails to elicit ooohs and ahhhhs. It is delicious & dramatic. From the French Looosiana/ Cajun branch of the family:

Flaming Café Brûlot for 10

(Cafe diablo iffin' youse Creole --that is iffin' youse part French an part Spanish)

Assemble yore prettiest chafing dish, Great -Granny 's demitasse cups wif them wee spoons to match. Get out yore tongs too, unless smoked fingers is on yore menu. An' haul down yore mama's lovely silver coffee pot wif' the swan neck spout--polish til it is like a mirror.

Make 4 cups of strong cawffee. (Fresh ground is best) Pour it into that silver pot that ya pre-heated wif boilin' water.

What ya' need:

  • 1 large orange,
  • 2 lemons
  • 4-6 whole cloves
  • 7 sugar cubes
  • (2) 2-inch cinnamon stick(doan use cinnamon poweder)
  • 2 cups cognac
  • 1 cup Gran Marnier or Cointreau
  1. Peel the peel off the orange and lemon (do not get no pithy part of the peel! too bitter) into the chafing dish in one continuous orange an yaller spiral, if youse talented, an ain't drunk too much aig nog. Then squeeze in the juice too--throw away the flesh of the citrus
  2. Stick the cloves into the orange and lemon peels. Pour the brandy and Grand Marnier over the sugar cubes in the bowl alongside them studded peels. Toss in the cinnamon sticks now too.
  3. Now--the FIRE part: Light chafing dish burner but wif' a low flame. When the mixture is warm, tilt dish an' liquid away from yore self then carefully touch a lit match to the cognac mxture. ( of course, iffin' ya has some of them long matches it adds to the drama!)
  4. now fer the BIG DEAL: Wif' some tongs grab the end of the orange or lemon peel an' lift it up straight over the dish, leaving the end of the peel in the liquid. Now spoon some of the firey liquid over the top part of the peel and watch the fire slide down the peel into the chafing dish! (Mayhap ya needs to trim yore eyebrows afore ya try this trick)
  5. let peel return to dish, then lift the next section of peel into the air an' light wif firey liquid, the drop peel int o dish and wait fer fire to die out.
  6. now add the hot cawfee into the dish pourin' it real slow around the edge of the dish
  7. stir to be sure all sugar cubes are melted and the spices are infused into the cawfee.
  8. ladle into Great-Granny's cups an' serve wif' a sugar cube on the side what has been soaked in juice of an orange-- expect compliments!


Jenny said...

xoxoxo. Take care of yourself.

Aunty Belle said...

huh?Boxer -Babe--how did ya leave a comment afore I knowed the post was up?? youse fast!

Aunty Belle said...


I am in Dorie's book tonight--isn't it gorgeous--emphasis on the GORGE. Oh. my.

Tomorrow I will post the selected challenge fer ya to make--and photograph. Ya can practice up so ya can serve it at the bloggy summit--which seems to be in the air.

Making Space said...

I would set fire to my house, and possibly my neighborhood, if I tried that. But I totally want to come to your house and watch you do it. Two thumbs way up.

Making Space said...

Also - I kept wondering why I could never find you. Duh. I hadn't added you to my Blogs I Follow list on my blog.

It may not be wise to leave me unsupervised in the presence of matches, but I know when I need to add a blog to my list. Yeraddedaunty. Booooyaaaa!

darkfoam said...

looks devine!

fishy said...

Wow Aunty,
This makes me wish I like coffee :-)
I got a passel of siblings though, who would enjoy both the presentation and the coffee. We all would ADORE there is still a hostess who polishes the family silver and gets out Granny's best demitasse cups . Cracker elegance is the best!!!!

PS) I bet you use some of those darling little monogramed serviettes too.

Buzz Kill said...

I've never seen the orange and lemon peels with cloves trick. That's a nice visual. It reminds me of an Italian coffee my mother use to make. Not near as elaborate as this and she never set it on fire because we wantedto drink the alcohol. This would be nice for Christmas.

moi said...

Mmmmmmm . . . this sounds festive, delicious, and elegant. One day, I just may try it. S.B. doesn't like coffee, but maybe for my wine group. Good luck, Aunty!

Jenny said...

bwahahahahha - there was no picture so I was worried about you with just the post name.

HA! this is sooooo much better and this is one I'm going to try. NEVER use cinnamon powder, I can't agree more.

Sandcastle Momma said...

This looks amazing. I want to try this but am going to have someone on standby with a fire extinguisher.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Sounds wonderful.
I could use a little flambe in my morning coffee right about now.
That'll get you up to face the day!

Regarding the diet...20lbs ago, I felt like 48 going on 60. Now I'm feeling closer to 40. 10 lbs and some months of weight lifting from now and I plan to feel better yet.

R.Powers said...

My week too!
It was my kinda cookn theme and I still missed it!


h said...

Wow, wonderfully elaborate idea. I don't feel like I can attempt this just from written instructions. Need to see it!

SophieMae said...

DAWG! I'm imPRESSED! Not a cawfee drinker, but I'd shor nuf like to see that show!

Well, Aunty done had a week!
Reckon we's all got a few of those comin'. Just be sure to walk away from everything a couple times a day and just breathe deep. 8-]

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

LaDivaCucina said...

Oh. MY. GAWD. That looks sooooo good! DANG Girl! I'd like to try it although can never keep good liquor in the house for long (haha!)...and also there was the flaming margaritas disaster a few years back...but I'm willing to give it a go!! I've copied three recipes from the challenge so far and now yours, thanks Aunty! DIVINE!

Anonymous said...

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