Steak an' Tater's Throwdown

Fer Troll's Throwdown this time, the theme is steak and 'tater's.

Steak and 'tater smoothie.

Uncle had a buddy, when he was in collich, who got into a skirmish in a bar at UF. The fella went home wif a busted jaw that had to be wired shut fer a month. That boy's mama saw him dwindle down to bones, then she had a bright idea:

Chop six oz of warm grilled steak an' put in a blender. Add 1/2 C half and half, 1/2 c beef broth, salt to taste, pepper to taste. Whirl until smooth. Add in 1 cup hot mashed potaoes, pulse until blended, add more beef broth/ half and half as needed. Sip through a straw.


darkfoam said...

hahahaha ...
now, surly this is entry has to beat all ...

ps: and thanks for the open mouth image ...

h said...

Now THAT is a milk-shake for carnivores. Great entry!

Buzz Kill said...

That is definitely off-the-wall. Beef bullion will only go so far when you have your jaw wired fro weeks. I would have like to have seen what the finished "dish" looked like - to go with the mouth. Bwwhahahaha
Nice job Aunty.

Jenny said...

now that's a serious steak eater.


Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

Now that's real innovation!

I would think that the teeth would act like a strainer, still it had to beat the heck out of egg milkshakes and jello.

I hope, I never have to give this one a try.

moi said...

Um, Aunty? You know I adore you, right? But my stomach is churning right now. And not in a good way. Although, it's not necessarily your fault. My first spousal unit was a Military Man so I have a difficult time abiding anything that even remotely resembles an MRE. Yew.

Aunty Belle said...


Happy birthday!! Yep, this be
Wild entry


Thought you'd chuckle.


Is ya noticin' the menfolk
Gits a kick out of this? Reckon
They can identify, huh?

Aunty Belle said...


Heh...hope ya never need to try it but it
Is way better than jello!


Howwwwwl! What? Ya wanted Uncle's
Prized T-Bones in bourbon cream wif
Roasted garlic smashed potatoes?

Aunty Belle said...


Very serious carnivore fare
But thepoor kid was a bag o bones!
What were his mama to do?

Gnomeself Be True said...

Yea...not sure I'd like that one.

moi said...

Howwwwwl! What? Ya wanted Uncle's Prized T-Bones in bourbon cream wif Roasted garlic smashed potatoes?

Uh. YES.

Kymical Reactions said...

how funny, auntie.

You have NO idea how much I relate to this.

A few years back, I was in a nasty car accident, and long story short, my jaw was broken by an Air Bag impact.

I my jaw was wired shut for just over 2 months. Which also happened to be over Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas Dinner.

I was more pissed about missing those holiday dinners than anything else.

Anyway, I became very accustom to blending my meals and sucking as best I could through a straw. I think I mostly lived on shakes and soup. And really milky mashed potatoes.

I had so much soup, that it was nearly a year before I could stomach the sight of soup.

Great entry!

LaDivaCucina said...

Awww poor kid! I am such a cavewoman when it comes to meat, I get cravings for bloody meat after I've gone without for a long time so I can totally relate!!

After my last surgery, I felt like I could eat like a lumberjack and had husband get a churrasco and mash to go from the cafe across the street. Ate it like a prisoner on death row. Can't imagine eating my dinner thru a straw and hope I never have to! (though my ass might like me to consider it!haha!)

Funny post Aunty! (glad you is back home safe!)

Aunty Belle said...

Hey all y'all

Thanky fer such fun commnets.I cain't write
Much bein' on a phone key board, but I does
'Preciate each comment.

Sorry Moi, doan know if two enmtries is allowed
But anyhoo, cain't type new recipe
On this hand computer.

R.Powers said...

That is hideous.
Thanks for sharing!

moi said...

Hi Aunty! Drop on by Moi's blob - I've announced the Culinary Throw Down winner!

sparringK9 said...

how interesting. i would try that. i can sure see myself drinking mashed potatoes. i will drink cake batter. so, i mean, this isnt too weird for me.

very unexpected. and fun. sorry you didnt win. but what good are the troll points? ya never get anything! grrrrrherherhahaha

Aunty Belle said...

Comin' MOi...Comin' over.


heh, yeah really. Dat Troll owes us a fishin' trip, doan he?

Anonymous said...

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