What we'uns think but doan really know!

K-9 is havin' a grand ole time rehashin' some ole Dawg history of hers (or his, dependin' on what ya believed and when ya believed it!) It jes' shows how quick we is to make assumptions about others based on...on what exactly? the impressions we git, or the filters we use to assess others?

Ooooh, how delicious to ponder-that we may all be very surprised to see who is who in at the Great Blogger Reveal!

She posted some drawings and made some innuendos--all pointin' to the reality of the blogosphere: What does we REALLY know about the people behind these avatars? Does ya' think we's all pretty much as we present ourselves? or is there some playfulness goin' on? What does the choice of avatars indicate about a particular blogger? How important is anonymity to YOU as a blogger?

What images does ya have of the real person? Does ya think someone ELSE might be foolin' us as to being him or her? Foolin' us (all in fun!) about general age/ marital status/profession/ past history?

List somethin' surprisin' about any blogger that ya expect to find iffin' we ever did have the Great Blogger Reveal? Somethin' not made clear by their avatars or their posts. Or, does ya think we's all pretty much what and who we say we is?


fishy said...

I definitely do not believe you resemble a bag of porkrinds. Having visited your Back Porch a few times, I think you have shown us two sides of a coin. One side loves the humor and humanity of Southern culture. The other side gets a bit hottish bout tresspassin' on your beliefs. All of it is pretty dern smart at the kernel.

As for who do I think is presenting an alternative view of self? Well, if opposites is the rule, do you suppose Troll is actually some high dollar male model Marlboro man?

About me ... I'm not actually all that scaley.

R.Powers said...

I bet Aunty resembles that cheerleader photo in the background of one of her distant posts ... as opposed to a bag of fried skin.

As for me, I pop up on Pure Florida enough so's that everyone knows I am not a saltine cracker shaped like the prettiest state in the union.

Doom said...

I see so much around every corner and yet most oddities are presented mostly as only a slightly skewed caricature of the facts rather than real deceptions. Even with K9, the trick was not hers, she merely let the left think what it did for advantage or sport or both. But there are a few. I let them fool me, if that is their wish, as it makes not a whit to me. (I never claimed to be a wise man nor a detective.)

I think for me, I present quite simply. Though in my posts one might see my worst more than they would in real life, as I write in diary form, really (or, I hope). (Read your own diaries from years back to see what I mean, perhaps. :)

h said...

I suspect most readers see my blogger persona "The Troll" as literary heir to the nom-de-plumes of Juvenal, Jonathon Swift and Benjamin Franklin.

And my physical self as being a Tri-Athlethon Winning Male Model type.


Buzz Kill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
moi said...

When I met Boxer, Shamu, and K9 at the Great PNW Blob Summit last February, it was a most pleasant surprise to realize that they were indeed as awesome as I'd envisioned them. Had you been able to show up, Aunty, I'm sure you would have matched exactly my vision of you as a cross between Sophia Loren and Lauren Bacall. Troll, for some reason I picture as a famous but reclusive writer, hiding out and having a laugh.

As for my own identity, I'm not a dingy fifties pin up blond, but sometimes I feel like one. My politics tend to confuzzle both ends of the spectrum, so I keep my identity loosely hidden so as not to have to keep explaining to my liberal clients that just because I'm a libertarian conservative, doesn't mean I'm Hitler.

And, yes, I really do own more shoes than someone who writes for a living should, but not as much as Imelda Marcos, I'm sure. I think.

Buzz Kill said...


I wrote so much on this subject that put up a post over at the Buzzkill. Thanks for giving me something to write about.

Big Shamu said...

I think most bloggers I've run into seem to be pretty much what their blogs portray them to be. However I have definitely run into some folks who live on certain internet boards who try to game the system and other people for whatever cheap thrill or attention it gives them. Blogging doesn't appeal to them because they can't force an audience to read their insanity like you can on some popular boards.
Much like Moi said about The Blogeteers, everyone seemed to be much like the voice their respective blogs represent. Except Boxer had no video camera present anywhere....unless they were secretly hidden and she plans to sell the hot tub video to finance her growing Studio. I guess that's why she made us sign those blank releases...

sparringK9 said...

while mayden was visiting me at chickory, we were standing in the line at the grocery store. and mayden says " did you see the picture /t posted of himself?' and i said yes! and we proceeded to have a freak out in front of everyone. why? not because the photo was unusual or bad -but that he wasnt salvador dali! i mean, it jarred us in some way -it was shocking. in my world, he is looks like dali. end of story. just like doom is some red faced off world creature.

everyone i have ever met in the real is pretty much the person they are on the blog. i mean, i am K9 pretty much. and she. and freya. and chickory. its all exactly me.

pam said...

Well my page is totally me, but I have a hankering to create a complete alter-ego now and see where that goes!!! Just don't know if I could stay in character!

Now then, I have you and uncle pictured actually as the college-professor types, not with the leather-elbow patch sweater mind you, but probably much more hip and modern than you let on .... college professor-ish except for the conservative politics dontchaknow.

darkfoam said...

well, belle ...
a long time ago i decided you weren't quite as old as you were trying to make yourself out to be initially ... :)
and i'm not quite the slushy lush as my foamy avatar might imply ....
well, maybe i'm not ..
now for a nice cold beer after another 12 hour workday ..

Aunty Belle said...

I knowed ya wasn't to scaly thang on account of yore magnificent taste. An, now ya mention it, I can totally git Troll as a secret Marlboro Man.

Southern Culture huh? Well, reckon so--the name Aunty Belle is derived from Antebellum--a hint as to mah worldview an', ah, vintage--heheheh.


oh darlin' youse a definitely the right kinda cracker. Maybe it
s a man thang, not to worry about loss of anonymity on the blogosphere.


I think youse got it jes right:
"skewed caricature of the facts rather than real deceptions." That seems 'bout right to me--I picture most bloggers who is regulars in this community as mostly theyselves wif' jes' a bit held back or eggsagerated.--That includes Doom too!

Nooooo, never thunk of ya' as a Juvenal, or any literary thang-a-ma-bob. I thinks ya could be a secret trainer for 3 yr olds up Ocala way--in yore Marlboro Man boots an' hat, wif a bevy of fillies hpoin' fer a run around the track.

Akshully, Aunty thinks Troll is one of the more circumspect of the bloggers in this gaggle of bloggers. I imagine ya as a neat freak, organized, fisherman, card shark, lovable young'un!


I still has huge regrets that I missed the Summit--drat!!!

On the "loosely hidden" identity aspect of Moi, I see the wisdom in that. Employ the same fer much the same reason. But I doan go as far as the Imelda imitation.

But does ya ever wonder about lurkers and folks who might misread yore intentions?


gracious sir, we's so relieved youse still Buzz--see com box at yore blog. Buzz-K, youse also one I think as more cloaked than most--former military? former ah...more than meets the eye, I suspect. A naturally cautious fella, I'd bet.

Aunty Belle said...


sigh--again I hated missin' the Great PNW Summit. Shure wanted to meet the gang in the flesh. An taste yore cookin'!

Mebbe youse right--there's some who try to game it--what a shame. But then I can think of some former participants who used theoir blogs as a kind of mental release of energy an' in their "real life" they were mouse quiet.


heh--Troll has it,youse the Sybil of the blogosphere. But I can see iut--that people is multifaceted an' can "be" several personas at once.

But we KNOW some who use their blogs to try on bein' someone wholly other than they is--it is their carefully cherished fantasy life. It has more "reality" to them than their work-a-day world. I doan rule out blog-stalkers, thas' fer shure.


Heh...youse yoreself? Love that ya trust us --but when ya git that alter ego goin', I'se gonna be delighted to she who she/he/it (Trolls and Fishys are its?) is.

Me an' Uncle as professors? wow. Ain't been so elevated since I got on the ladder to clean the fan blades.


Heheeeee...Foamy, one day Aunty is gonna show up on yore road, an' we is gonna surprise each other! Somehow I think it will be rather pleasant.


I'se charmed by how it can be that in blogworld some can be on opposite ends of a matter but still have regard for the other--wonderful ain't it? What is it that really holds it all together?

Jenny said...

Well, many think I'M male and/or very buff and all of that just isn't the case. I remember a day when K9, Moi and I traded pictures and it was a great moment for me to have these wonderful women "reveal" themselves.. as if one of my favorite paintings started talking to me. But what does keep us together? I know that when I first started reading blogs I was struck by the kindness of strangers. It seemed to me I had found a whole new "water cooler", but I got to pick who I hung out with at "work." Also, MANY of us do work independently and I know there are days when my blog buddies are a lovely breathe of fresh air at the office where I'm ALWAYS the boss and never just a co-worker.

Aunty - I see what Moi sees. And Troll? How much for the hot tub video? bwahahahahah.

moi said...

Aunty asked: What is it that really holds it all together?

I think Boxer hit the nail on the head when she said it's like a big water cooler, only you get to choose the comrades.

When Boxer planned the PNW meet up, someone on her blog asked the simple question: Why?

And I said, because as adults, you forget how to make friends. Like many things in childhood (running, expressing yourself, etc.) making friends is as easy as asking the kid next to you, "Wanna play after school?" We didn't have the years or experience to have developed the social filters that now prevent us from just walking up to someone and asking them to "play."

I miss that. I'm a very curious person and so I need a lot of mental stimulation. I don't have trust issues with people, in fact I believe the vast majority of them are good, kind, and just trying to get through this world the best they can. And I like meeting them. Granted, I don't have TIME to make a dozen or so really close friendships – who does? – but I do have time to "touch base" on a daily basis with folks that I think are interesting. Blogging allows that.

And while I'm not a globalist by any means, I DO think there is terrific value in touching base with people of all creeds, colors, and shoe sizes. Because it does remind us that despite our differences, we have in common our essential humanity. And maybe that would make us less grumpy with each other and as a result prevent less gub'mint abuse.

sparringK9 said...

moi and boxer: perfectly stated. thank you. you have it exactly. bravo

LaDivaCucina said...

Very interesting subject, Aunty. I like imagining what people look like by their posts and avatars and am a horribly curious (and nosy!) person!

I don't necessarily agree with some of the political leanings of some of the posts out there but I would be a hypocrite if I wasn't open minded and listened to other people's opinions. I don't like rantings of hate based on mis-information and ignorance though and will not be a part of that. I like to think of myself as proactive and a "part of the solution" as a "do-er" and not a blog-writing whiner.

I do my blog to give my biz some "food" cred so try and stick to anything to do with food, cocktails, hospitality, etc. and overall fabulousness! As a creative person, it's a great outlet for me visually as well as for my food and drink ideas.

I did reveal a few photos of me recently and also did a post about my near death experiences. (I also remembered two more after I wrote them!) I pretty much am what I say I am: a gal that's had a lot of life experience, lived in a lot of places and has had a lot of great times! I like to drink, eat, laugh, dance and enjoy sport and nature but still maintain a bit of glamour. And I love shoes, like Moi!! I like how animals can bring out the kindness in some people. I enjoy the bonds of commonality I enjoy with my fellow bloggers....whether ranting over Top Chef, talking about nylons or a great peanut recipe!

Thank you for such an interesting post Aunty. Any photos of YOU coming soon?

Anonymous said...

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